The University of Arizona


Arizona Arts seeks to advance the arts and arts education regionally and globally by connecting with and fostering inclusive communities, equitable experiences, and diverse perspectives as cornerstones of creative expression and cultural production.


  • Continual transformation of our curricula and cultivation of an inclusive classroom experience
  • Supporting and promoting diverse programming that represents the work of artists, and depicts subjects representing a wide variety of identities and perspectives
  • Connecting with our communities – local, national, and international
  • Promoting cultural equity in the arts sector

The Charge of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for 2021-2022

  1. FRAMING – Define and disseminate definitions of equity, diversity, and inclusion for the Division.
  2. COMMUNICATING – Develop an EDI statement that can be adopted across the Division and will frame the work for all units.
  3. ASSESSING – Collect, analyze, and synthesize the current EDI efforts, challenges, and goals that each unit has for use in the creation of a Division EDI implementation plan.
  4. UNDERSTANDING – Identify internal learning/training needs around EDI and organizational change.
  5. PLANNING – Finalize the Division one-year EDI implementation plan as a prelude to a three- and five-year EDI strategic planning process.