Arizona Arts Live

The Tucson Studio presents the acoustic duo, RISO, performing the song, “You’ll Never Be The Sun,” filmed on location at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Rooted in the acoustic soundscapes of their childhoods, and elevated by sharp and complementary musical instincts, the duo has established itself as a distinctive presence in Southern Arizona’s lush arts scene. The last decade has seen members Matt and Rebekah Rolland on the road with nationally acclaimed Americana band, Run Boy Run, participating as artists-in-residence for the National Parks Centennial, and collaborating on six studio albums.

Their latest release co-produced by the two for Rebekah’s National Parks project, Seed & Silo, was dubbed “a slice of folk perfection” by Americana UK and placed in the top three of Pop Matters’ Best Folk Albums of the Year.

Premiered June 11, 2020.


The Tucson Studio, a program of Arizona Arts Live, is a resource for Southern Arizona artists offering technical assistance with audio and video production for live performance, as well as a platform to showcase performances from local artists.

Concerts premiere each Thursday at 6 p.m. and allows viewers to donate directly to the artists.

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