Arizona Arts won the “Award of Excellence” from the Southern Arizona chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for the State of the Arts | Impact Report 2022 in the ‘Annual Report’ category.

The PRSA has a scoring matrix, which requires a thorough submission with 17 categories that addresses strategic planning, goal setting, metrics, etc. The Arizona Arts’ submission was reviewed by three judges from a sister chapter. 

The goal of the annual report is to raise brand awareness of and affinity for the division, Arizona Arts, and to illustrate the reach and impact of the arts on the campus of a major research institution, in the community and around the world.

Arizona Arts earns PRSA 'Award of Excellence' ... Christian Paris Blue poses with the publication
School of Dance alumnus Christian Paris Blue, featured on the cover, posed for this portrait when he returned to campus as part of the professional dance company, Parsons Dance. One judge wrote, “I love, love, love the cover. It immediately draws on emotions and instantly gave you the feeling of something beautiful inside.”

Arizona Arts earns PRSA ‘Award of Excellence’

Graphic designer Jona Bustamante created a 60-page magazine-style design, utilizing high-impact photography and featuring sections such as ‘Student Success,’ ‘Faculty Focus,’ ‘Alumni Pride,’ and focusing on themes like ‘Arts and the Environment,’ ‘Equity in the Arts,’ and ‘Research in the Arts,’ and ‘Arizona Arts at SXSW.’

Arizona Arts earns PRSA 'Award of Excellence' ... Charlie Snyder and Jona Bustamante accept the PRSA IMPACT Award.
Charlie Snyder, director of public relations, marketing and communications for Arizona Arts, and Jona Bustamante, graphic designer for the division, accepted a PRSA IMPACT Award for the publication, “State of the Arts | Impact Report 2022,” in the annual report category.

The perfect-bound printed version was sent to 150 to College of Fine Arts deans across the county to assist with reputation management, 100 to university leadership for brand awareness, and 180 to donors for fundraising purposes. 

Here are some of the judges’ comments:

“This was an excellent marketing piece and creative solution to the problem they were attempting to solve. The finished result is gorgeous and packed with useful and interesting information. And the images are beautiful. This piece is an impactful and thorough way to tell a comprehensive story of the impact of the arts on the university. A lot of work went into this, and you should be very proud of the result. The impact report was enjoyable to read in that it showcased people and the different ways society is enriched by the arts. I truly enjoyed reading through it!”

“Truly amazing what you accomplished with a two-person team and sparse budget. Overall, outstanding!”

“The publication is beautiful! It’s engaging and visually appealing. I love, love, love the cover. It immediately draws on emotions and instantly gave you the feeling of something beautiful inside. I also like in the introductory letter that you align with the university’s strategic  plan. I loved the student success section of the report. Loved how the intro pages were designed from page 21 beyond. They were both easy to read and eye-catching. Overall very impressed with this impact report and the considerable thought and planning behind it.”