Arizona Arts Live

The Tucson Studio presents P.D. Ronstadt & the Co., feat. Liz Cerepanya, filmed on location at LandMark Sound Recorders.

You may know P.D. from multiple musical and producing projects. If you’ve heard Big Grin, you know the beautiful voice of Liz Cerepanya. In this performance, they join forces for a set featuring original music of the late Alan Garr, new compositions by Ronstadt, and long time favorites. The Company features Bobby Ronstadt (piano) and Bryan Matyjasik (drums).

Premiered Aug. 27, 2020.


The Tucson Studio, a program of Arizona Arts Live, is a resource for Southern Arizona artists offering technical assistance with audio and video production for live performance, as well as a platform to showcase performances from local artists.

Concerts premiere each Thursday at 6 p.m. and allows viewers to donate directly to the local artists.

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