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The College of Fine Arts provides their students with the best learning environment possible. A major part of that is providing them resources to keep them at the top of their game. Jenna Bobroski, MS, RD, CSSD, a performance dietitian, is doing just that. 

Jenna Bobroski

Bobroski helps students ensure that they are getting the fuel they need for their rigorous schedules, working with students from all schools in the college. She makes a difference via one-on-one sessions – available to students and staff – and seminars. She also produces an Instagram page dedicated to nutrition, recipes and advice (@beardown_nutrition). 

“Jenna gave me some helpful tips for living a healthy college life,” said Maya Hintermeister, a senior in the School of Dance. “Things like buying frozen fruit and getting more Omega 3s are things that I have already been implementing into my diet and I have been feeling great!” 

Bobroski is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness, who is appointed to both Arizona Athletics and the College of Fine Arts. And she recently became a Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.  

She meets with students on an as-needed basis. She aims to give students tips and an individualized plan to make sure that they have the information and tools they need to fuel correctly. 

As someone who played many sports her whole life, Bobroski’s dedication to athletics ultimately caused her to change her major while studying at Idaho State University to reflect her passion. She studied sports and performance nutrition and volunteered with the Sports Dietitian on campus for two-and-a-half years during her undergrad. She eventually completed internships through Fort Carson Army Base and the Olympic Training Center where she gained additional hands-on experience in sports and performance nutrition. 

During her master’s thesis at the University of Colorado, Bobroski studied Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Syndrome (RED-S). It launched her into researching chronic under fueling, disordered eating and they’re effects on sport and performance.  

Dietitian provides nutrition info
Healthy food selection: food sources of omega 3 and unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, superfoods with high vitamin e and dietary fiber.

Dietitian provides nutrition info, tips for CFA students

When she started looking into performance-based sports, like dance, she found a passion for helping these elite athletes get the fueling they need. This led her to applying for this job position at the University of Arizona, her first job as a Sport and Performance Dietitian, a role that she has held for a little over a year now. 

Her favorite part of her job has been seeing the difference that she has been able to make in the lives of students.

“When someone comes in and they take my advice and see improvements, they are so excited; that is what makes my job so rewarding, helping people be their best selves.”

Bobroski helps students on an individual basis by catering to their specific needs, considering activity level, sport, involvements, and foods that they like! But as for general help, here are a few tips that Bobroski recommends to all students.

Fueling consistently

“Fueling consistency is so important. Any time you get an opportunity to fuel, even if it is just ten minutes between class, something is always better than nothing.”

Get a variety of foods

Ensure that there is a variety of foods in your diet. There are different nutrients in each food, so getting all of the different colors, and eating a variety of different foods is best for your body!”

Treat yourself!

“You guys are working so hard to learn and performing on top of that means you have to fuel your body too. You should have treats when you want them!”

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