Emerging Conversations is an annual art education symposium organized by graduate students in the Art & Visual Culture Education program at the University of Arizona School of Art.

It is the only symposium of its kind on the West Coast in the United States. Emerging Conversations creates space for artists, educators, art historians, arts-based researchers, and community members, both established and emerging in their fields, to engage in collaboration and conversation.

Reimagining Waterbearers: Black Women in Art/Education (11.09.21)

Presenter: Amber C. Coleman
Host: Lynn Robinson, University of Arizona

What does it mean to be a water-bearer? Theorizing through Lorna Simpson’s 1986 artwork, The Waterbearer, this session aims to explore the importance of Black women’s role as keepers of historical and contemporary stories in art education. Black feminisms suggest the importance of Black women’s storytelling as an emergent strategy for knowledge production within art, educational, and cultural institutions and spaces. By engaging with the stories of Black women across the arts, education, and art education, we learn about the multifaceted experiences of Black women as valuable contributions to our knowledge of what the arts and education are and can be.

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