Organizer: School of Dance
Venue: Stevie Eller Dance Theatre
Start Time: 7:30pm

Adult, $19
Senior/Military/Employee, $17
Student, $9


April 21, 27: 7:30p
April 23, 30: 1:30p
April 24: 6p

Take a seat next to the School of Dance faculty, and let the next generation run the show!

The dancers take the lead as they craft an exciting evening of student-created works that are sure to lift your spirits as UA Dance presents Emerge. Where energy meets creativity, amazing things happen!

  • Thursday, April 21, 7:30p
  • Saturday, April 23, 1:30p
  • Sunday, April 24, 6p
  • Wednesday, April 27. 7:30p
  • Saturday, April 30, 1:30p
Emerge: Student Spotlight, Nathan Mariano
Nathan Mariano. Photo by Ed Flores

Chance Encounters (Premiere)

Choreography: Gabriel Speiller
Costume Design: Gabriel Speiller
Lighting Design: Gabriel Speiller

Sophia Borgarello, Tabitha Burton, Tyson Ford, Olivia LaBruzzo, Jesse Lozano, Dakota Merritt,
Charles Palmer, Gabriel Rocha, Ashley Schrader, Alexander Turner, Abbey Vieth
Understudies: Alexandra Demitriades, Nathan Mariano, Morgan Ranney

The Waiting Room (Premiere)

Choreography: Halston Strange
Costume Design: Halston Strange
Lighting Design: Halston Strange

4/21, 4/24, 4/27 … Ellie Barry, Omar Brito, Payton Jundt, Brianna Mull, Phoenix Refo, Ryan Sadowsky
4/23 … Ellie Barry, Payton Jundt, Brianna Mull, Phoenix Refo, Ryan Sadowsky, Megan Ulatowski
4/30 … Omar Brito, Anastasia Miller, Phoenix Refo, Ryan Sadowsky, Alli Serpa, Alexander Turner

Nos Aut Eos (Premiere)

Choreography: Arianna Aquino
Music: Otto, Woodkid and La Jeune Fille en Feu, Para One & Arthur Simonini
Rehearsal Assistant: Ashleigh Brackett
Costume Design: Arianna Aquino
Wardrobe Consultant: Bianca Mendoza
Lighting Design: Arianna Aquino

Leads: Victoria Bartley and Diego de Toledo
Ensemble: Jacob Amey, Casidy Chan, Ava Furukawa, Diego Gonzales, Julia Hansch, Taylor Lopez,
Aaliyah Thompson-Mazzeo, Scarlett Nash, Leo Navarro, Marlena Roberts, Jordanna Skopp,
Adam Truesdell, Lauren Velasco, Tia Ware
Understudies: Mazzie Croog, Isabel Morales, Nathaniel Urie

Naeem (Premiere)

Choreography: Tyson Ford
Music: Naeem, Bon Iver
Costume Design: Tyson Ford
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Kyle Anders, Zachary Cordova, Nicholas Farris, Destin Johnson, Gabriel Rocha

60/40 (Premiere)

Choreography: Omar Brito
Music: Every Time – Luug & Parade – TSVI
Costume Design: Omar Brito
Lighting Design: Ryan Moore

Sophia Borgarello, Omar Brito, Tyson Ford, Isabella Triunfo

A Moment Undefined (Premiere)

Choreography: Jesse Lozano
Music: Symphony No. 3, Op. 36: II. Lento e Largo – Tranquillissimo by Dawn Upshaw, London Sinfonietta, and David Zinman
Costume Design: Jesse Lozano
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Karsen Galatas, Faith Huguet, Kiki Lucia, Scarlett Nash, Riley Parish, Morgan Ranney, Ashley Schrader, Noelle Schramm, McKaylee True, Abbey Vieth

Piano Man (Premiere)

Choreography: Nicholas Farris, Alexander Turner
Music: “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
Costume Design: Kristen Wheeler
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Nicholas Farris, Jesse Lozano, Alexander Turner

Entertain Me (Premiere)

Choreography: Diego de Toledo, Krystn Noelle Janicek, Arianna Aquino
Music: Valse Op. 64, No. 1 Minute Waltz, Chopin
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Krystn Noelle Janicek and Diego de Toledo

As the Value Relinquished (Premiere)

Choreography: Karsen Galatas
Music: Rabbit’s_quartet, KASHIWA Daisuke
Costume Design: Karsen Galatas
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Kyle Anders, Omar Brito, Karsen Galatas, Jesse Lozano, Kiki Lucia, Gabriel Rocha, Ashley Schrader

In My Mind (Premiere)

Choreography: Sasha Reist
Music: Peer Gynt, Op. 23: IV In the Hall of the Mountain King by Andrew Davis, original composition by Edvard Grieg, performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, Tetrishead by Zoë Keating.
Costume Design: Sasha Reist and Kristen Weaver
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand
Soloist: Lily Cong

Madeline Brown, Alli Burgess, Robert Ciszak, Giulia Ghidoli, Erin Folger, Krystn Noelle Janicek, Gavin Kimmel, Alexandra O’Neal, Matthew Mendez, Alli Serpa

Red Handed (Premiere)

Choreography: McKaylee True
Music: Santa Maria, Gotan Project
Costume Design: McKaylee True
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand

Kyle Anders, Sophia Borgarello, Joshua Bozzacco, Omar Brito, Chloe Canon, Zachary Cordova, Kennedy Frazier, Karsen Galatas, Olivia LaBruzzo, Jesse Lozano, Dakota Merritt, Gabriel Rocha, McKaylee True, Alexander Turner

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