Venue: Downtown Tucson
Start Time: 5:00pm

Free Admission


Start at Hotel Congress patio

Musical Murals 2022 … Routes and Directions

In collaboration with Meet Me at Maynards, live music and visual art will once again come together for a night of Musical Murals.

Student chamber ensembles from the Fred Fox School of Music will perform along a walking route that connects the colorful walls of art in downtown Tucson. Muralists include University of Arizona alumni (Jessica Gonzales), local favorites (Ignacio Garcia, Luis Mena) and more. The event debuted in 2021 with over 650 friends of music and murals enjoying the movable feast of immersive art. 

Venue: Start at Hotel Congress Patio 
The event is fee, but all participants must register

Pre-register now via phone, tablet or computer. Pre-Register Now!

What To Expect! 

  1. Check-in/register in person if you have not done so online. 
  2. Grab a free raffle ticket and get your hand stamped for “MMM” discounts. 
  3. Grab a route map. 
  4. Choose a route: Short route (.8 miles) or Long route (1.6 miles) 
    Musical Murals 2022 … Routes and Directions
  5. Join a group with a guide or take the tour on your own!
  6. Always stay on sidewalks and do not block traffic. 
  7. Have a safe and delightful time!
  8. Post videos and images on social and tag @uazmusic, @meetmeatmaynards2022, @UArizonaArts. 

For 14 years, every Monday, Meet Me at Maynards brings our community together for a downtown walk.

“Musical Murals” is part of the Arizona Arts Signature Series, a curated set of events and experiences this fall designed to highlight the amazing work being done across the division.

Fred Fox Graduate Wind Quintet, 2021 Musical Murals in front of the mural, “English Spa Salon,” by Rachel Fitz. Photo courtesy of Kerry Whelan.

The Music and Mural Pairings

Mural: Pollinators by Niki Glen
Music: Fred Fox School of Music Graduate Wind Quintet and Undergraduate Wind Quintet

Mural: “Latino Culture Celebration” by Luis Mena.
Music: Cabrini String Quartet

Mural: “La Madre – You Are My Other Me” by Rachael Rios and Carlos Valenzueal
Music: Brass Party!

Mural: Exploration by Jessica Gonzales
Music: Members from Arizona and Symphonic Choirs

Mural: Fiberglass sculpture by Charles Alfred Clement
Music: Haydn 77 String Quartet and Astra Saxophone Quartet

Mural: “El Rapido” by Albert “Tito” Peyron.
Music: Q’iru Duo

Mural: “Sagrada Corazón de Tucson” by Rachel Slick
Music: BeatCats!

Mural: “English Spa Salon” by Rachel Fitz, “Looney Toons” by Nina Palomba, “Juicy” by Issac Caruso
Music: Saxophone Sextet

Mural: “Jackalope and Bill Walton” by Ignacio Garcia
Music: Opera Scenes

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