The School of Theatre, Film & Television’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium event showcases outstanding research papers of undergraduate students at the School of Theatre, Film & Television. Over the course of several days starting Monday April 3 at noon, the research paper presentations of student finalists will be made available to view at

Follow TFTV on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, where we will post when each panel goes live. The symposium will conclude on April 7 with an announcement of generous prizes for student winners. Mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate the work of our students!

All online presentations will be free to view.

Monday, Apr. 3 – Reality and Documentary

  • Jakob Joseph Kevin Carpenter, “Verbatim Theatre: The World’s Most Destructive Theatre”
  • Jenelle Velázquez, “Nathan Fielder and Reality Television and Documentary Ethics”

Tuesday, Apr. 4 – Adaptations and Transitions

  • Camryn Lang, “Realism to Modernism: Periods of Transition in Scenic Design”
  • Morgan Reimer, “Heroes and Villains: Identifying Queer Representations in Disney Classics”
  • Hailee Kayfes, “Film Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Work”

Wednesday, Apr. 5 – Race and Class

  • Ileana Hubert, “Heroin Addiction and Race in Film”
  • Alex J. Alegria, “The Federal Theatre Project & Its Influence”
  • Jasmin Na, “Art with a purpose? Or Food for Thought?: Brecht’s Epic Theatre and Social Change”

Thursday, Apr. 6 – Reclaiming Voices

  • Oli Kogul, “Far From Euphoric: Narrator Reliability in Euphoria
  • Melanie Moreno, “As the Sun Shines on the Maya Civilization”
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