Venue: Center for Creative Photography
Start Time: 10:00am

Gallery Hours:
10a to 4:30p

The University of Arizona College of Fine Arts and the Office of Societal Impact are presenting a research-centered exhibition, “Ways of Knowing, Ways of Being: Arts Research and Integration” at the Center for Creative Photography, Oct. 17-26.

The exhibition will feature seven cross-disciplinary projects, funded by the Arts|Humanities|Resilience Grants, and three art/science integrative workshops. This collection of projects and workshops demonstrate a diversity of arts research methods which approach any subject by asking what alternative ways there are of knowing about it and what alternative ways there are of being situated within it. 

Exhibition, Oct. 17-26
Workshops, Oct. 16-18
Gallery Talks, Oct. 24 (2-5p)
Public Reception,
Oct. 24 (5-7p)
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Research in the Arts

Public and applied humanities students loading Polaroid cameras provided by the Center for Creative Photography at El Pueblo Neighborhood Center site visit. Photo by Netza Aguirre.

The five Arts|Humanities|Resilience projects include a collaboration between an internationally renowned environmental artist/philosopher and a museum studies scholar on Tumamoc Hill, a documentary film project about how communities across the U.S. are improving their lives by taking their healthcare into their own hands, and the co-creation of a “living” multimedia archive with Tucson’s Southside residents. 

The three workshops are designed by visiting artist/consultant Jonathon Keats in response to conversations with leadership in Research Innovation Impact (RII) Centers and Institutes. Each workshop will cover one of three main themes. Results of the workshops will be added to the exhibition. Due to space limitations, each workshop can only accommodate 20 participants.

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ORIGINS: Fossils for Possible Futures 
Monday, Oct. 16, 2-4pm   
In this workshop, participants will create fossils speculatively representing organisms from imagined worlds.

FUTURES: Sculpting the Unknown
Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2-4p – University of Arizona students only
This workshop will explore a novel methodology for transdisciplinary exchange using sculpture as a common language for playful intellectual exploration.

HETEROGENEITY: The Values of Nature
Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2-4:30p
This workshop will explore lessons in righteousness to be learned from creatures of the Sonoran Desert, providing a space for creative expression of the more-than-humane.

Gallery Talks

“100-Year Photography: From Today to the Future” with Hai Ren
How can art enact discussions of the future in rural China?

“Dear Body of Water: A Poetic Water-Harvesting Project” with Gretchen Henderson
How might we cultivate care for overlooked ecologies including bodies of water, both far afield and right where we are? 

“The Wonder Studio” with Nicole Antebi, Aaron Bugaj, Betsy Arnold
Can moving images and imaging systems offer a platform for investigating the connections between artistic expression and scientific study?

“America’s Health: Welcome to the Game” with Yuri Makino, Christine Ryan Harland
How do community-based healthcare models transform our sick care system into an affordable, accessible and high-quality model?

“The Nature of Change: Experiments in Societal Transformation Through Environmental Art with Carissa DiCindio, Jonathon Keats, Jenna Green
How can artistic practices engage communities with local ecology in Tucson?

“Documenting Resilience in Tucson’s Southside” with Selina Barajas, Jacqueline Barrios, Meg Jackson Fox, Kenny Wong
How does Tucson’s Southside envision resilience?

“Southwest Field Studies in Writing” with Susan Briante, Francisco Cantú
How can university/nonprofit partnerships empower writers and artists to engage in reciprocal learning in the borderlands?”

Exhibition sponsors include Office of Research Innovation and Impact, College of Fine Arts,
Arizona Institute for Resilience and the Center for Creative Photography.

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