Organizer: School of Music
Start Time: 7:30pm



Free student tickets available.

Join the University of Arizona Wind Ensemble as we unite with faculty and students from the UArizona Department of Astronomy to provide a truly unique and interstellar experience!

On April 29, the Wind Ensemble will feature music that directly connects with the cosmos, including “Event Horizon” by Joni Greene and the incredible new multimedia symphony by Julie Giroux, “The Blue Marble.” Enjoy stargazing through scientific telescopes with the UArizona Astronomy Club in the Arts District before and after the concert, along our special guest, Dr. Dan Marrone from the Department of Astronomy!

Marrone is one of the leading scientists of the global Event Horizon Telescope project that put the University in the news a while back with the first photos of a black hole. Marrone will be in person at the concert to discuss his work on the Event Horizon Telescope. Greene will be on hand virtually to converse with Dr. Marrone and to compare scientific and artistic perspectives.

Greene, the composer of the piece, Event Horizon, grew up in a scientific household (her father was a physicist), and she has always had a serious interest in the cosmos. She is now embarking on a multi-year project of composing works dedicated to the James Webb Telescope.

“The Blue Marble” is focused upon the earth, and it uses three screens with images and sound effects that are synced to the performance.

Guests include:

  • UArizona Astronomy Club
  • Arizona Sciences Center (Phoenix)
  • Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter
  • Reach for the Stars (A non-profit program in Tucson that emphasizes astronomy in helping to support mental health in the community.)
  • Dr. Sarah Sutton, a scientist with the UArizona Lunar and Planetary Lab

University of Arizona Wind Ensemble & Chamber Winds

Chad Nicholson, director
Dennis Senkbeil, graduate conductor

$10 Admission


Wind Octet Op. 65 – Ruth Gipps
UA Chamber Winds

Also Sprach Zarathustra (Also Spake Zarathustra) – Richard Strauss

Short Ride in a Fast Machine – John Adams

Event Horizon – Joni Greene

Mars (from “The Planets”) – Gustav Holst

Symphony N. 6 “The Blue Marble” – Julie Giroux

Transit of Venus – John Philip Sousa

Katie Ikesaki*
Lei Yijun
Benjamin Rothermich
Alexis Houchin- piccolo

Mo Casorla*^
Margaret Schultz^
Chris Zatarain- English horn

Ed Senn*^
Aleksey Prok^
Mallory Mahoney- contrabassoon

Gloria Orozco Dorado*^
Mika Rabago^
Jason Voris
AJ Perkins
Kyle Jones
Tiano Molina
Cameron Galvin- bass clarinet

Michael Plunkett*
Brian Flores
Bri Ritter
Breyann Lennard Bantoc

Rich Candelaria*
Haolan Liu
Cristina Luis
Abbygael Perrier
Rachel Clemmer

French Horn
Victoria Luizzi*^
Caitlynn Sandberg^
Carson Hielscher
Evan Hodge

Andrew Merica*
Jacob Dority
Chris Porteous- bass trombone

Taylor Workman*
Weston Moser

John Decker*
Jordan Figueroa

Katelynn Ward*
Sidney Rovney
Katelynn Ward*
Sydney Rovney
Corey Denham
Mitchell Allaman
Xochitl Vasquez-Rodriguez
Alex Walker
Hannah Ransom
Jeffrey Koyiyumptewa

Jing Jing

Danielle Eliason

Double Bass
Josh Hack

*  Principal
Chamber Ensemble

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