Arizona Arts Live

The Tucson Studio presents tango and folklore guitarist Maximiliano Larrea performing his song, “Cielito De Almagro,” filmed on location at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Larrea is a guitarist, arranger, composer and music educator from Rosario, Argentina. He moved to Tucson in January 2020, where he has been composing, performing, and running an active guitar studio teaching tango and folklore styles and general guitar to students in person and across the globe (via Zoom). His first solo album of tango and folklore original compositions “Donde Termina el Río/Where the River Ends,” is set to release in May 2020.

Premiered May 21, 2020


The Tucson Studio, a program of Arizona Arts Live, is a resource for Southern Arizona artists offering technical assistance with audio and video production for live performance, as well as a platform to showcase performances from local artists.

Concerts premiere every Thursday at 6 p.m. and allows viewers to donate directly to the artists.

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Maximiliano Larrea