Arizona Arts Live

The Tucson Studio presents The Pete Swan Trio (Pete Swan, Scott Black and Robbie Lee) performing the Richard Rodgers’ song, “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” filmed on location at the LandMark Sound Recorders studio.

“Smooth and a bit bluesy, but fortified with a classic big-band drummer/bandleader, the Pete Swan Trio elevates any venue to a level of resplendence that’s absolutely foreign to Tucson. Their warm, Buddy Rich-meets-Acoustic Alchemy jazz soothes—repetitive guitar flirts with post-Pastorius fretless bass. Swan grounds and adorns the melodies at once with his light, shimmery brush-cymbal work and snare-over-tom accents. Reminiscent of the ’40s in mood, but turned-on in a slinky, post-bebop mindset, this ain’t no nostalgia act; rather, it’s jazz that accounts for all its eras and adds to the great musical cannon.” — Tucson Weekly

Premiered July 9, 2020


The Tucson Studio, a program of Arizona Arts Live, is a resource for Southern Arizona artists offering technical assistance with audio and video production for live performance, as well as a platform to showcase performances from local artists.

Concerts premiere every Thursday at 6 p.m. and allows viewers to donate directly to the artists.

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Pete Swan | Robbie Lee