School of Music

Alicia Damian (’24) is an ambitious and resourceful student at the University of Arizona School of Music with a passion for creating community in the arts. 

Alicia was first exposed to singing and acting at a young age at her small family church in Yuma, Arizona. She would watch her grandfather direct the music of the church services and that inspired her to create and spread the gift of music. 

Alicia transferred to the University of Arizona from Arizona Western College in Yuma in 2021 to pursue a double major in music education and theatre arts. In Tucson, she has continued to make herself an active figure in the arts communities. Alicia is involved with several different clubs and organizations, most of which support emerging artists and push for changes in music education. 

Student Spotlight on Alicia Damian

In January 2023, she was appointed president of the undergraduate chapter of Arizona Choral Directors Association (ACDA). In February she attended the ACDA national conference in Cincinnati, where she learned about social justice as it relates to choir. 

“I learned new ways of incorporating social justice into the fine arts, specifically that I am interested in directing social justice choirs, and that I would like to be a panel speaker at events such as these in the future.”

Her vocal studies professor is impressed with her dedication. 

“Alicia Damien is a passionate future music educator,” said Dr. Kristin Dauphinais. “Rarely have I seen a student as dedicated and as enthusiastic to help the next generation of artists. In addition, Alicia is hard-working, organized, and an easy leader.”

Alicia gets a hug after her performance at SALON 2023 in the Slonaker House courtyard.
Alicia gets a hug after her performance at SALON 2023 in the Slonaker House courtyard.

inVisibility SALON

Alicia is also a member of an undergraduate curriculum committee. SEECF7 (Student Engagement and Empowerment Committee of Seven) is a group of seven students who meet School of Music Director Lori Wiest, and Academic Advisor David Boulton to represent the student body.

She was among the first few students to turn the idea of SALON from on the page to the stage when SALON (Student Artists Live Opportunity Night debut in 2022. Alicia performed her first self-written monologue, “3 Minute Instant Romance Soup,” an emotional yet humorous story that addresses the roles of young women in society through the lens of her personal experience with unrequited love. 

This year she volunteered to host the SALON event. She gave her own performance of a song called “Perfume a Tus Pies” by Marcela Gandera, a song familiar to her from church. She said, “This specific type of music is home for me, it represents my family and my community and reminds me of where I came from, my roots.” 

“My goal this year for the SALON was to bridge the communities from the School of Music and theatre” says Alicia. 

Did Alicia meet her goal?

“Alicia, in addition to being a multitalented musician and actor, served as a host for the SALON,” said Tioni Collins, student diversity programs specialist. “One of the reasons that I asked her to help host is because she is very active in two of the four schools within the College of Fine Arts. Her passion and love (and of course, talent) is felt by all who interact with her. Her energy and light helped to make SALON a success. So yes, Alicia excelled in meeting her goal.”