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For the past two years, the University of Arizona has told the story of students, faculty and alumni in a marketing campaign based on the concept of wonder. 

The Wonder campaign focuses in on what drives ambition and curiosity within us. The videos peek into the worlds of different students in the Arizona community. Everyone from quantum mechanics scientists to policy and politics students share what wonder means to them. 

The current series of videos are animated. The first five were created by professional animators. The sixth video was created by a student from the School of Art, Woodlin Latocki, telling the story of dance alumnus Taylor Bradley (BFA ’15). Wonder makes me move.

Wonder makes us who we are. At the University of Arizona, wonder drives us to question, explore, push limits and overcome boundaries to discover our true potential. What will wonder make you?


Latocki, a School of Art MFA candidate and illustrator, had only just begun to dip her toes in the world of animation when she was approached to animate the next Wonder video. Latocki used rotoscoping – tracing over live-action footage frame by frame — to make Bradley’s dance video come to life in animation.

“Earlier this year, I enrolled in an animation class just kind of for fun and to experiment with it in addition to my other work,” Latocki said. “And then early in the semester, my instructor asked me if I would be interested in doing a high-profile animation project.”

“I don’t have any educational or professional background in animation,” Latocki said. “But these kinds of opportunities don’t often just present themselves in that kind of way, so I said yes!”

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Bradley is currently on stage with Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas.

When deciding where to go to school, the School of Dance was Bradley’s first audition as well as his last. He says he felt wonder as he explored the campus, instantly falling in love with the incredible dance curriculum – a “triple track program,” where you study ballet, jazz, and modern dance simultaneously rather than having to specialize – but also impressed with the 360-degree college experience.

He returned to campus for Homecoming and said that he was floored by Woodlin’s video.

>> Wonder makes Taylor Bradley move
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