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This past summer Nadari Hockenhull researched and studied the depth and impact of the American Negro Spiritual, thanks to support from the College of Fine Arts’ Medici Circle donors. 


Nadari is a neo-classical soprano and vocal performance major at @uazmusic. For her Medici Scholar project, she created My Soul Sangs, a production series that set out to decode the artistry of the art form of the Negro Spiritual. For this project, she performed a vocal recital of new music and classic works from the 17th and 18thcenturies. 

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Medici Circle: Nadari Hockenhull

Medici Circle: Nadari Hockenhull

The project included research collection, transcription, and composition of spiritual works by living and historical composers and arrangers, presented in classical vocal tradition. Nadari researched elements of the Negro spiritual and their significant influence on people and impact on history.

The financial support provided through the Medici Circle was used among other things to hire musicians, an African percussion and dance troupe and a vocal quartet. 

Nadari created the project with the hopes of exposing new audiences and building new appreciation for the older vocal tradition as an art form. On Oct. 2, 2021, she performed her composition, “Never Stop Sang’n” in Crowder Hall. 

“It was such an exhilarating experience having been awarded this amazing opportunity. The synergy that evening was through the roof and the audience rewarded us with a standing ovation. The generous contribution from donors like Shirley Chann made this all possible. It was truly my honor and blessing.”

Thanks to donations made by the generous Medici Circle members, talented, artist scholars like Nadari are awarded $1,000 to pursue an educational summer project beyond the classroom.

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