College of Fine Arts, School of Art

Galen Dara Smith participated in a five-week illustration residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, thanks to the College of Fine Arts Medici Circle donors.

Smith is a second year MFA student in the illustration, design, and animation program at the School of Art.

This summer they worked closely with professional illustrators on projects designed to hone and expand her practice. These projects included logo design, editorial illustration, sequential illustration, and book illustration. 

Medici Mondays : Galen Dara Smith

“The chance to participate in such an immersive illustration-oriented experience has invigorated my own personal development as a freelance artist and enhanced my ability to instruct other students who are interested in becoming illustrators themselves.” 

The residency allowed Smith, along with other students around the world, to learn how to come up with solutions to problems and strengthen their creativity to be able to work as freelance illustrators. At the end of the residency, Smith’s work was displayed in an exhibition.

“My sincerest gratitude to Vincent Immordino, the generous donor helped make this residency possible for me, and to all the donors from the Medici Scholars program who help students realize projects and ambitions this summer” 

Thanks to donations made by the generous Medici Circle Members, talented artist scholars like Galen Dara are awarded $1,000 to pursue an educational summer project beyond the classroom.

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