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Ivy Wahome did community service for the Rovy Youth Academy near her hometown in Kenya, thanks to support from the College of Fine Arts Medici Circle donors.

Wahome is a third-year MFA student at the School of Theatre, Film & Television. She is studying theatre arts with an emphasis in costume design & production.

This summer she visited the former community center that had provided residents a place to stay connected, celebrate their cultural background and learn self-sufficiency skills. She worked to restore part of the academy to functional ability so the staff could continue teaching and supplying help to the residents of the Dondori subdivision.  

Medici Mondays: Ivy Wahome

Wahome helped introduce classes to sewing and other theater related activities, led efforts to paint and create artistic murals celebrating the community, and helped plan renovations to the grounds which will enable a safe and conducive learning environment to help improve long-term sustainability within the community. 

“Going back to Rovy this summer reminded me of my childhood,” she said. “I recall a time Rovy had a thriving tailoring program for the local girls of Dondori. This was the place I was introduced to my first sewing machine. A vintage singer treadle machine. I am grateful for the opportunity to further my studies here at the University of Arizona. In July 2023, I designed and created a costume and mask as a reflection piece of my experience in Kenya, titled the ‘Traditional Kikuyu wedding dress.'”

“My sincere gratitude goes out to Anita Katz, the generous donor who made this project possible, and to all the donors from the Medici Scholars program who helped students realize their projects and ambitions this summer.”

Medici Mondays  Ivy Wahome, selfie of Ivy Wahome
Ivy Wahome selfie.

Thanks to donations made by the generous Medici Circle Members, talented artist scholars like Ivy are awarded $1,000 to pursue an educational summer project beyond the classroom.

Rovy Well Fundraising Project

Wahome is also involved in a fundraising project to help Kenyan high schoolers get clean water.

On her website, Wahome states, “Can you imagine losing the only place you had to learn a trade to help get you and your family out of poverty? You don’t have to imagine, this happened to the Rovy Community Center and Rovy girls school in Dondori Kenya. Vulnerable girls remain at risk as we try to raise $25,000 to do renovations, secure the area and get clean running water to the residents of this village.

She has a GoFundMe account, if you are interested in supporting this cause.

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